Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm only in it for the clothes, sir.

I'm supposed to be taking a test in Home Ec, so instead I'm going to show you some pictures from a photoshoot my friend and I had fun making a few months ago. Naturally.

I've always found myself saying I want to pursue a profession only to realize I only want in for the clothes. Like for  a while I wanted to be a sailor, or be in the navy. But no, actually I don't want to do that. I'm just very fascinated by nautical apparel.
More recently, I found myself wanting to be a fighter pilot. Yep. Then I realized that, actually, no, I could never fight anyone. I don't like conflict. I just like the idea of flying a plane and also have you SEEN some of the Cool Stuff they get to wear? I WANT TO BE A REBEL FIGHTER. I WANT TO SAVE MY HOME PLANET. Don't get cocky, Luke Skywalker.
Anyhow, I could never be a pilot on account of my terrible vision (what a load of baloney), so I just sit at home in my Jedi costume and cry over James Franco's beautiful Flyboys uniform what

Oh, right. Pictures. Okay.

Behold, my sailor jacket. I'm so in love with it.
These were all taken in my neighborhood.
I. am. Gene. KELLY.
My Clara Bow face.

So yes. Good.

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  1. you look super cute :)
    I love your hat and your style!!