Monday, October 22, 2012

sewing like a pro, basically.

The new Taylor Swift album came out today. This post has nothing to do with that (Begin Again is my knew jam okay)

Moving on.

I've been keeping up with Project Runway this season (I was rooting for Dmitry heyooo) and now all I want to do is make my own clothes. Only it turns out that sewing is harder than it appears, who knew wow oh wow!
So, using my limited sewing knowledge gained from my year as a Brownie and this article from Rookie, I decided to start easy with something I've wanted to make for quite sometime, and it really surprised me how simple it was!
It took me about an hour to get the hang of it, since it's been several years since I've picked up a needle, but here is the finished product:
I've had this gorgeous fabric for a few years, but never knew what to use it for.
It looks a bit bunched because I pinned it to the dress a bit awkwardly, eh.
Not the best, of course, but I'm proud of it! One giant leap for mankind!
One day I'll make a fur coat. That's all I want in life.

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