Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LADY STARDUST is all right

what is this face I don't know

obligatory glitter cheeks in honor of Marc Bolan

My dance team performed at a women's conference that was "Runway" themed and this is what I wore. It was so much fun and wow I love females and I wow I love humans in general.
Of course this was in October.
Since then I've been very busy with work and school and friends
is an example of a lie. I've actually just been watching movies and eating food and crying (just kidding about that last one! [not kidding {jk (but seriously)}])

I did go to a wedding though. But I had to leave before they even served the cake so really what's the point heh heh

Welp, here's a thing I made and some cool tunes and I'll see you on the flip side, you rascals.

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