Monday, February 25, 2013

the night we snuck into a yacht club party.

A few weeks ago my friend and I snuck into the nicest hotel in our city, so that's pretty cool. It was full of worn-out tourists, old married couples, groups of wealthy and hormonal 14 year-olds in fancy dress, and looooooots of drunk people coming in from a show at the Grand Ole Opry. I even got a blurry picture with a drunk guy who insisted we were best friends:

The hotel is very beautiful. It's separated into several sections that sort of have different themes. There's a waterfall and a boat that gives tours and the whole place looks like a little indoor town in the rainforest, and, though touristy, is really a special place to visit.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

cherry pie.

Short post to say that I wrote a song for Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper of Twin Peaks) and he watched it and almost died choking on my sandwich when he tweeted me.

so yeah!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

galentine's day.

or, how to throw a party without really trying.

A few days ago I toyed with the idea of celebrating Galentine's Day, a la Leslie Knope. Only it wouldn't be a brunch. And it would happen the day after Valentine's, instead of the day before. And also it actually happened and it was awesome.
      And it hardly cost a thing, thankfully. All I purchased was the snacks. Everything else was a product of the crap I've been hoarding to use for crafting, hence the various Audrey Hepburn photos I saved from a calendar last year.
      We played a game my siblings and I invented when we were younger called "Ten minute stories", in which each person selects three topics or phrases from a jar and proceeds to try to incorporate each of the items into a story written in only ten minutes. It's hilarious reading them aloud to everyone at the end and much laughter was had.
     As party favors, I made mixed CDs, which is one of my favorite past times. So all in all, it was a marvelous celebration of female kind and I ate too much sugar and we watched Clueless (obvs) and I think I'm going to die because Paul Rudd omg

Monday, February 4, 2013

lonely in love.

I went to the mall today and bought a very large cookie and ate it all by myself.
gory remains

seefood - my favorite

In preparation of Valentine's Day, I've created a playlist about being lonely and also in love. I called it - Lonely in Love. GROUNDBREAKING.