Friday, May 31, 2013

why would you live anywhere else?.

My hot stack of a best friend and I took pictures downtown on Monday before we went to a friend's show that night. A local band that I'd seen once before also played and goodness they are terrific. Here's their demo tracks, which they handed out cassettes of (my favorite track is number 2):

Nashville is just the greatest place to live and I can't imagine having fun anywhere else.
I'll leave you with some recent film still inspiration. Adios.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

dumb ways to die.

me today

 I went to a casting call for a ~~feature film~~ today and it was really cool! I've done a few movie things in the past, but they've all been for college films and music videos and things, but this was my first REEAAL showbiz experience. Sure, it was an hour of waiting followed by two seconds in the actual room with the actual hOlLyWoOd director for a quick picture, but it was still really cool to be behind the scenes of a movie in the making! Movies are so special and I love them too much and, originally, I wasn't going to go to the call, but I can't stand waiting to work for the movies.
Anyway, I met cool people (I felt like I was finally in my place as I was leaning against the sound room wall with two gorgeous drag queens) and I think the thing went well and maybe they'll call me, maybe not. But I had a really good day.

alsooo, my thing of the now is cute things that are also gory, so here's this:

good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

PROM extravaganza (a possibly long post).

SOUL TRAAAIIIINNN and me being totes cool

 A month ago, I was very upset about not being able to attend prom, due to not being public schooled. But luckily I have REALLY COOOOOL friends who go to school and let me come along with them to their senior proms! That's right. PromS. Plural. They are the best.
        The pictures from above are from the first prom I attended with the lovely lady in maroon (and her lovely younger sister in the blue). The theme of the party was "Shipwrecked" or "under the sea" or something of that sort, which is awesome. I had planned on making a flower headband but ran out of time, so I used a flower garland I found at Joann's as a boa.
        It was a small prom, as it's a small school, and people were sweet and it wasn't until I went to second prom that I was able to REALLY experience a high school prom. First prom was more like a community country club soiree. There was a powder room like in old movies where all the girls would fix their makeup in between dances. There was peach cobbler and salad and a whole formal dinner before the dance floor opened up. It was a really cool time full of dancing (fancily, shmancily) and great observation of teenage behavior, said the creepy, middle-aged man with the binoculars (me).
       But really though, a big part of why I wanted to go to prom in the first place was for screenwriting inspiration. How am I supposed to become the next John Hughes if I don't STUDY BEHAVIOR AND INTENTIONS OF TEENAGED SPECIMENS??

Anyway. Moving on to ~~~SECOND PROM~~~.

crooked glasses 4 life

totally conventional pre-prom pics

 I am every photographer's worst nightmare.

Second prom was associated with my friend's (she's the doll in the blue) public school half an hour outside of my city. A friend of hers came along with us for pictures and dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, a very nice downtown establishment. We took pictures in a park outside of downtown, where ABSOLUTELY everyone goes to take photos for prom, so of course we had to stomp the yard and make a big scene (also cause we didn't have dates because we're INDEPENDENT and also BOYS HAVE COOTIES).

Cupid Shuffle, obvs.
 The prom was in the lobby of the Country Music Hall of Fame (aka coolest place evaa) and it was huge and it was practically everything I ever dreamed prom to be (not everything I wanted it to be, granted. They're weren't any Duckies. I'dve taken a Blaine, even).
                One of my biggest dreams, however, was realized that night, as I saw a lucky girl crowned prom queen. Her reaction (my lanta if I had gotten it on tape) was a perfect Miss America. Fanning tears from her eyes, the whole bit. Boy was that a perfect moment.
                The theme of the prom was Honor and Glory (some oriental shiz) and they had chocolate fondue that was just like sitting in this huge bowl on a corner table and like people actually ate it and like who knows what was in there. Like. You guys.
                 My friend and I kind just walked around for the most of the night, wandering and mingling with different groups of people she knows and joking around while annoying couples intimately slow-danced to "Gangham Style" (oohhhh sexy layydaayyy) and, basically, waiting for the DJ to play some good music. It wasn't until 11pm, when most of the Cool Kids started ditching prom because it's lame to stay any longer, obviously, that the REAL TRUE PARTY BEGAN.
                We were sitting by the indoor pond, Making Ourselves Available, when Shout started to play and we HAULED A to the dance floor. And we went crazy. And people began to slowly back away from us. And a group of girls joined us. And we went wild and the chaperones laughed their heads off and it was truly magical. From then on, all kinds of great dance music played. Including a big band medley, to which a darling couple showed off some incredible fox trot skills with flips and everything.

It was a really cool night. I felt bad for the couples, cause from where I sat, the stags seemed to be having all the fun.

Prom is weird. Would recommend.
Later, scoundrels.