Thursday, July 25, 2013

baby you're the best.

 I thrifted some khaki shorts and they were boring as heck so I sewed some hearts on them and now theys p cool.

Me at the Peach Kelli Pop concert a few months ago
my birthday in March
me after antiquing like a year ago

 I've been working a lot lately on account of I'm moving to Oklahoma City for a whole YEAR! I won't go into detail (mostly because I'm not fully certain what I'll be doing) but I'm going to be interning and it's going to be really awesome and it costs dollaaaas, hence the working. I lived in OKC when I was younger so it's kind of strange going back ALONE LIKE AN ADULT WOOOWWW.
         But I'm so excited - like cray excited - for all of the THRIFTING OPPORTUNITIES I will have, because apparently OKC has some of the best thrifting in the world or something idk that's what I've been told and OMG I'M FREAKING EXCITED
        Living out of home will be strange, though. I'll keep you updated on that eventuality. But for now, I'm embracing my last month or so of being home for quite some time! hanging with friends, painting the town, and cuddling my kittycat (my boo whom I will miss more than anything).
        I hope you all are doing well.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

anyone can do the Jamaican Ska!.

 Some mediocre photos of my jacket. ehh badly sewn whatevs, I like it! Good for a first try.
          I wore this outfit on Friday to a game night/hang out night. There was lots of dancing and cookies and trying to play board games at midnight (but laughing too much to really accomplish anything). On saturday I went to my Grandmother's house a few hours out of town, and came home with a bunch of her old hair pins she used in her ballroom dancing days! I don't think any of them are TrUe ViNtAgE pieces, but they are still pretty cool and I'll post pictures of some of them eventually.


i went to las vegas
and Roswell, NM
and a cute little street in Tokyo
da beach
a beach house (if you live here CAN I MOVE IN)
Edie Beale's old playing grounds (covered in snow!)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

eating human brains out with a spoon.

I wrote a new song out of boredom today and I'm so so proud of it, it's like my child. It's about outerspace and coffee and dark comedy and those are my favorite things.

some new diary entries of mine:

 Oh yeah, I went to camp. I'll add a few pictures from that yes

okay so I haven't gotten my photos developed yet, so this is all I could find, but the first one is me singing in front of the entire camp after winning a talent show yipee!! (that was p cool)

anyway yes okay. I posted this for Tessa, so I hope she's happy now ;D I'll be back soon with that girl gang jacket I promised!