Sunday, July 14, 2013

anyone can do the Jamaican Ska!.

 Some mediocre photos of my jacket. ehh badly sewn whatevs, I like it! Good for a first try.
          I wore this outfit on Friday to a game night/hang out night. There was lots of dancing and cookies and trying to play board games at midnight (but laughing too much to really accomplish anything). On saturday I went to my Grandmother's house a few hours out of town, and came home with a bunch of her old hair pins she used in her ballroom dancing days! I don't think any of them are TrUe ViNtAgE pieces, but they are still pretty cool and I'll post pictures of some of them eventually.


i went to las vegas
and Roswell, NM
and a cute little street in Tokyo
da beach
a beach house (if you live here CAN I MOVE IN)
Edie Beale's old playing grounds (covered in snow!)

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