Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oklahoma was never like this (I live not at home now).

  I'm posting this in the wifi lounge on an iPad so it may turn out awful. I can't quite figure out this app thingy. Whatever whatever whatever I live in Oklahoma now and the following at pictures of my trip/dorm/life from the past week! Also, you can follow me on Instagram now! @goblinpromqueen

Sunday, August 18, 2013

the dangers of being too cool.

 So last night, a thing that I planned happened!! That's big news because I never follow through with event ideas and this happened and it was AWESOME. It was a show raising money for my internship (more later) and a bunch of my friends sang and played and I played my first show ever omg.
                         I sold some 3 Track EPs (you can listen to the songs on soundcloud), and a local bakery donated a bunch of pastries for us to sell! I wish I had some pictures of the set up and food tables, cause all those cupcakes and donuts were so rad. Everyone drank coffee and tea and people danced to my set and it was so much fun I CAN'T HANDLE THESE EMOTIONS!!
                       So besides that, I've been absent from blogger on account of raising money petsitting and house cleaning and everything in between.
I even danced in a couple of music videos wow oh wow
          So remember when I went to camp and sang on the stage? Well, I got an internship at their campus and I'm going for a WHOLE YEAR to study some film thingys and then when it comes to camp time, help set up and run camp and it's going to be soooo insane. It's in another state (more than 12 hours away from where I live) so maybe I'm a little crazy? Probably. Probably.

 Hopefully when I get there (I leave saturday btw, wish me luck) I'll be able to make a post about my dorm! until then, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

baby you're the best.

 I thrifted some khaki shorts and they were boring as heck so I sewed some hearts on them and now theys p cool.

Me at the Peach Kelli Pop concert a few months ago
my birthday in March
me after antiquing like a year ago

 I've been working a lot lately on account of I'm moving to Oklahoma City for a whole YEAR! I won't go into detail (mostly because I'm not fully certain what I'll be doing) but I'm going to be interning and it's going to be really awesome and it costs dollaaaas, hence the working. I lived in OKC when I was younger so it's kind of strange going back ALONE LIKE AN ADULT WOOOWWW.
         But I'm so excited - like cray excited - for all of the THRIFTING OPPORTUNITIES I will have, because apparently OKC has some of the best thrifting in the world or something idk that's what I've been told and OMG I'M FREAKING EXCITED
        Living out of home will be strange, though. I'll keep you updated on that eventuality. But for now, I'm embracing my last month or so of being home for quite some time! hanging with friends, painting the town, and cuddling my kittycat (my boo whom I will miss more than anything).
        I hope you all are doing well.