Friday, February 15, 2013

galentine's day.

or, how to throw a party without really trying.

A few days ago I toyed with the idea of celebrating Galentine's Day, a la Leslie Knope. Only it wouldn't be a brunch. And it would happen the day after Valentine's, instead of the day before. And also it actually happened and it was awesome.
      And it hardly cost a thing, thankfully. All I purchased was the snacks. Everything else was a product of the crap I've been hoarding to use for crafting, hence the various Audrey Hepburn photos I saved from a calendar last year.
      We played a game my siblings and I invented when we were younger called "Ten minute stories", in which each person selects three topics or phrases from a jar and proceeds to try to incorporate each of the items into a story written in only ten minutes. It's hilarious reading them aloud to everyone at the end and much laughter was had.
     As party favors, I made mixed CDs, which is one of my favorite past times. So all in all, it was a marvelous celebration of female kind and I ate too much sugar and we watched Clueless (obvs) and I think I'm going to die because Paul Rudd omg