Monday, March 11, 2013


 A stupid, angsty post to let you know that I don't have a date to prom due to being homeschooled and too scared to ask any of the boys I know. So now some mush and pictures I sob disgustingly over because I am obsessed with the teenage dream, whatever that may truly be.


my mom and dad at prom in '88.
one of my vintage prom dresses

okay yeah, I'll just be here crying and pretending to be Charlie Chaplin, you all carry on with your frivolous teen soirees okay don't mind me. not bitter. nope.


  1. ah don't you worry - its their loss! I'm still in the hope that I'll find my high school sweetheart at some's a nice dream :)x

  2. You should go! You are beautiful and you'd get to wear a fantastic dress. Or. Don't bother. My proms all sucked really. It's the getting ready with your friends that's the most fun. If I was to do it again. I would say get together some lovely friends. Get ready all together, hair curling, nail varnish and dancing to cheesy music. Pose in the stairs and take photos then just flop on the sofa, eating pizza and watching funny films in your prom dresses! It'll be SO much fun and it'll be a night you'll never forget! XXX