Monday, April 8, 2013

the things we did last summer.

I've been looking back at videos and pictures from last summer. It was a really strange, awful, incredible, fantastic, confusing, and enlightening time. I never ever look forward to summer during the winter because I'm a mutant who melts in any type of heat. I dwell dwell dwell in the frosty air, always have. And that fact puzzles me to know end, as I've lived in the south my entire life (correction, I lived in Michigan for 6 months and it snowed like crazy, but surely that didn't affect me that much?).
       But alas, within the past few weeks or so, my heart has been beating with anticipation of summer and all the crazy situations my friends and I are likely to get into and all I think about is the smell of funnel cakes at the fair and the warm breeze of Oklahoma City I get to feel in June and making stupid videos of me dancing in public places and the booming fireworks in July and LET ME TELL YOU NOW: I. Am. So. Ready.

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