Thursday, May 16, 2013

dumb ways to die.

me today

 I went to a casting call for a ~~feature film~~ today and it was really cool! I've done a few movie things in the past, but they've all been for college films and music videos and things, but this was my first REEAAL showbiz experience. Sure, it was an hour of waiting followed by two seconds in the actual room with the actual hOlLyWoOd director for a quick picture, but it was still really cool to be behind the scenes of a movie in the making! Movies are so special and I love them too much and, originally, I wasn't going to go to the call, but I can't stand waiting to work for the movies.
Anyway, I met cool people (I felt like I was finally in my place as I was leaning against the sound room wall with two gorgeous drag queens) and I think the thing went well and maybe they'll call me, maybe not. But I had a really good day.

alsooo, my thing of the now is cute things that are also gory, so here's this:

good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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  1. I love these pictures, and god you're so pretty and stylish!! Xx